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POSTED ON 15,September,2014


Welcome to my website’s blog section, where I get to write in first person rather than the awkward yet apparently professional third person. I want this first post to be something fun and simple, so I’m going to post about weird stuff that fans have given me over the years. As you may know, I started my professional performing career as a street performer working for tips, and I continue (proudly) to serve up my show on the streets to this day. Obviously, money pays the bills here in America, but finding strange gifts in the tip bucket is sometimes the highlight of the day, so I’ll walk you through some of my favorites from over the years.
A bar napkin love note from “Sav”

I don’t know if I understand the “lucky pocket dinosaur”, but I’ll take it!

Obviously, fan art from kids is special.

One of my fans actually knitted this tie for me!

A lot of work went into this card, plus, it has a serious cash element involved. This might be my favorite tip ever.

I’m going to leave it at 5 fun items for now. I’ve got a lot fun things items to show you, but I don’t want to spend it all in one spot.

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