Evan Young was born in Alaska, but raised in Missouri with midwestern manners, and now lives in Pennsylvania. Instead of college, he went to circus school in Europe, because that’s what dreams are made of. If you want to see Evan performing in his true element, go catch one of his street shows, because that’s where his heart is. Evan’s friends think that he should work for National Geographic, because when he has some time off he travels to far away places and takes breathtaking photos. He knows how to load a gun, thread a sewing machine, and cook a five star breakfast. Evan loves animals, especially cats, and he has two of them that are well documented on his instagram. When he’s at home, he’s repairing vintage motorcycles which he rides away into the sunset. 

About the Show

Evan’s juggling and circus skills show is original and funny and engaging and connects with all kinds of audiences, from family friendly festivals and block parties, to hip college campuses, to rough and burly biker bars. Seriously, people like it when this guy is on stage, but that’s not the only reason Evan is a great choice. Evan’s show effectively attracts and holds a crowd with little or no maintenance. He doesn’t require an emcee to announce him, (in fact, he is a very good emcee if you need one), the staging requirements are fairly minimal, and he’s good at adapting to the situation at hand and finding solutions to challenges. Evan’s motto is “Keep it simple”, he’s not needy, he just wants to help an audience have some fun.


Our family was locked on your whole show. Our son, 5, thought the fact that you used a skateboard in your show was the coolest thing ever.

Jessica, Audience Member